We all love wood, well most do.  The smell and feel of the heat it produces can not be duplicated with gas or electric.  They also can help with heating bills!

However, every woodstove needs some type of floor protection.  Often we call it ember pad or ember protection and that is the minimal requirement and is a Type 1 protection.

Often the floor protection is ignored or at least inadequate.

Type 1 as mentioned above is ember protection and Type 2 is for heat.  Generally the first is all that is required, but know the code and when/why you may need the second type.

The Type 1 Ember Protection is used for wood stoves that do not need floor thermal protection and that would be any new certified wood stove sold today.  However even if they do not need heat protection they all need protection from falling burning wood, logs or embers/coals.  You can purchase hearth rugs, and see them on the internet – sorry they do not meet code as a sole protection device.  It must be fixed in place, continuous and non-combustible.  Your WETT Certified Inspector can help here.

The Type 2 Thermal Protection is something that can be purchased or fabricated and designed to reduce the level of heat reaching the floor.  The code (B365) specifies how these should be built and it must be followed.   Contact a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep to help out in this area.