An inspection last week on Duck Bay Road near Waubaushene.  Found a couple of small items on the wood burning system that needed some attention, however overall the system was in good condition and installed to meet code.

However, interestingly enough the customer mentioned that it had been looked at by two other companies.  One from Orillia who had found it to be installed properly with no problems (they did miss one clearance item which was clearly marked on a certification label).  The other local company apparently said that it was all installed wrong and had to be completely torn out.  How does one go from one extreme with one company to the other with another?  This particular company had even given them a quote on replacing the entire system.A serious gap there for sure.  Well there was a clearance problem for sure, not bad but the stove pipe (flue pipe) had a small section which was about one instance too close to combustible materials.   Not something that could not be fixed.   I even ran the chimney camera up the entire chimney and performed a Level 2 inspection to ensure there was not something I had overlooked.

All I can say is if any company says your stove is in need of replacement, they may be correct and they may be simply trying to sell you a new system. Many do not understand wood burning systems and often feel they have no choice but to change the system and pay the cost, or perhaps give up their wood burning system.  All I can suggest is get a second opinion, preferably from somebody who does not sell stoves themselves and therefore has nothing to gain either way.  Yes it is important to protect yourself and family but it is also necessary to ensure you are not simply spending hard earned money for no reason.

If you want a second opinion then call today.