Cleaned and inspected a fireplace yesterday in the Warminster / Mount St Louis area.  Nice fireplace and nothing wrong with it functionally.  However it did need cleaning.

This fireplace apparently had been cleaned by another local company in the past but not for a year.   So after inspection we cleaned fireplace and chimney and all went well.   Until at least we cleaned the ash dump.  The ash dump had never been cleaned at all, there was almost four feet of ash in it!  We pulled out six garbage bags and filled the RoVac vacuum three times with ash.

So one then begins to wonder how well a job was done in cleaning this system, or others for that matter?  Not knowing who cleaned it, really makes it hard to know.  But keep in mind that not all chimney sweeps clean everything, in fact few really do a complete job of cleaning everything.  Sadly, most seem to clean the chimney, grab the money and run.   It is not about making a lot of money on each job, it is about honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction – in fact exceeding expectations on each job!   I do each and every job as if it were my own chimney and settle for nothing but the best.

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