Cre-Away is a product applied by professional chimney sweeps in assisting the removal of creosote glazing.  It is not used by all sweeps as some neither have the equipment nor the training for proper application.  Some may even say it is not needed or does not work, but generally that is because they do not have the means to apply and are simply attempting to steer you toward something they do offer.  There is one other product on the market similar to Cre-Away but is applied the same way.

While the product works and works well, it is not an inexpensive product to buy and apply.  Cre-Away is a four part power product that is sprayed into the chimney and activated with heat.  The product will safely modify glazed creosote making it easy to sweep clean.  The Cre-Away will also neutralize the slightly acid creosote making it less corrosive and it also has a component to make the creosote less flammable.  The product is designed to also reduce or eliminate odours from the creosote.  Finally the magnesium component breaks down the glazed creosote.  Cre-Away is effective in all types of creosote, reducing odours from creosote, reduces corrosion and makes it easier to clean the chimney.

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